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Hanging Oil Lamp

Hanging Oil Lamp

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Experience the timeless elegance of South Indian tradition with our Brass Hanging Oil Lamp. This exquisite piece is not just a lamp, but a culturally significant symbol commonly seen in many South Indian homes, temples, and at festive events. Crafted from high-quality brass, this lamp is chosen for its durability and the auspicious qualities it brings to any setting.

This lamp consists of a central bowl to hold the oil, which fuels the wick to produce light. A bird figurine sits atop the lamp. From this figurine, a chain extends upward, which is used to hang the lamp from a ceiling hook. This hanging design allows the lamp to swing slightly, which is believed to spread both light and positive energy in all directions.

This kind of lamp is commonly found in the courtyards of South Indian homes, where they are frequently displayed in groups.

Whether lit for a daily ritual or during special occasions, this oil lamp adds a touch of divine glow and heritage to your space. Perfect for those who cherish cultural beauty and traditional décor.

Please note that vintage pieces come with small imperfections, that’s a part of its beauty and age.

Size: 4”L X 4”W X 13”H (with chain)
Weight: 600gm

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