About Us

Petals - The Studio embraces a unique blend of passion and commerce, offering a curated collection of antique and vintage treasures from around the world, with a focus on India.

Our journey involves exploration and discovery, seeking one-of-a-kind, handcrafted artifacts that carry a rich history. Every piece in our collection carries a unique past, showcasing the years it has been part of people's lives, adding a distinct charm that new items can never replicate. We are not just purveyors of artifacts; we are storytellers, preserving the cultural heritage embedded in each piece.

We weave our business story with a passion for travel, a fascination for history, and the joy of connecting with diverse communities. Every year, our journeys unfold new adventures and tales, bringing back exclusive collectibles that authentically represent the richness of various cultures.

A Note From Our Founder


I'm Jayeeta Chakraborti, the founder of 9 Petals - The Studio LLC, a captivating and diverse home décor boutique based in the United States. I firmly believe that people carry a piece of their native origins within their hearts, no matter how far they travel from home. These cherished memories of 'home' have the remarkable ability to blend into the very essence of our new abodes, forming a bridge between the past and the present. With this profound philosophy driving me, I started 9 Petals - The Studio as a haven to explore the interwoven strands of identity and space.

Stepping into the studio, you're immediately drawn to a captivating array of curios, vintage, antiques, and repurposed heirlooms. My careful selection delves into the fascinating realm of how our living spaces and the objects we engage with daily deeply influence our emotional well-being. I strive to provide insights into crafting homes that radiate joy while acting as vessels for our personal stories and cherished memories.Within these walls, a treasure trove awaits a vibrant tapestry of antiques, artifacts, homeware, and art sourced from various corners of India and occasionally from far-flung destinations around the world.

My aim with 9 Petals - The Studio is to make these extraordinary pieces accessible to everyone, transcending boundaries and inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to appreciate and honor our rich cultural heritage. This space stands as a testament to the enduring significance of exceptional craftsmanship, allowing us to connect with the past as we embrace the present. Ultimately, it weaves together the threads of tradition, innovation, and personal expression.

With love,