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Antique Wooden Panel

Antique Wooden Panel

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Witness this exquisite antique wood window panel – a rare gem adorned with a captivating miniature depiction of Radha Krishna. Every detail, from the meticulously hand-painted scene to the intricate border, contributes to the allure of this timeless piece. Meticulously restored to safeguard its antique charm, it stands as a testament to artistic heritage.

In Hinduism, Radha and Krishna symbolize divine love, portraying the eternal connection between the supreme god and his devoted consort. Their love story, celebrated in scriptures and art, signifies the profound bond between the individual soul and the divine. The tales, popularized in texts like the Bhagavata Purana, emphasize the spiritual journey and the quest for union with the divine.

The playful and enchanting Krishna, renowned for his mesmerizing flute melodies, complements Radha, depicted as the embodiment of pure, selfless love. Together, they embody a divine union transcending worldly boundaries, symbolizing the everlasting connection between the soul and the divine.

Enhance any wall with this antique window, bringing an elegant touch to your space. It seamlessly combines sophistication and charm while telling a beautiful story from the past.

Please note that both the window and its accompanying miniature painting are aged and not newly crafted. Vintage items often bear small imperfections, contributing to their beauty and showcasing their age.

Size: 18.5”L x 1.25”W x 20”H

Weight: 4060 gm

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