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Bhootha Head

Bhootha Head

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Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Theyyam dance form indigenous to the Northern Malabar region of Kerala, the intricately wood-carved Bhootha (Demi-God) head stands as a beautiful homage to our rich cultural heritage. Crafted with care, the Hand-Painted Theyyam Head Accent by Ethniichic is a modern wooden table accent that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary artistry.

Each detail of the Bhootha head is meticulously hand-painted with natural colors, enhancing its visual appeal. The expressive eyes, a focal point of the carving, are believed to possess protective qualities, warding off evil omens and adding a spiritual dimension to the piece.

What sets this accent apart is the infusion of contemporary art style, giving it a unique and versatile presence. The marriage of traditional wood-carving techniques with modern aesthetics results in a piece that not only pays homage to cultural roots but also fits seamlessly into contemporary spaces.

Whether displayed as a standalone art piece or incorporated into your decor, the Hand-Painted Theyyam Head Accent brings forth a sense of cultural pride and artistic innovation. It serves as a tangible connection to the ancient traditions of Theyyam while seamlessly embracing the evolving landscape of contemporary design.

Please note that vintage pieces come with small imperfections, that’s a part of its beauty and age.

Size of head:
5.5”L x 5”W x 8”H

Size of base:
9”L x 9”W x 3”H

Height with Stand 20"-21”

Weight: 3300 gm

Note: Each head comes with base and stand.

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