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Ghungroo Box

Ghungroo Box

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Unveil the charm of our Ghungroo boxes – a must-have for spice storage in kitchens before the steel era. Fashioned from exquisite brass, these boxes not only bring an elegant flair to your kitchen but also provide a secure and stylish storage solution. Elevate your space by showcasing them as captivating tabletop decor for a distinct and appealing aesthetic. Elevate your kitchen experience with these unique and versatile Ghungroo boxes!

Please note that vintage pieces come with small imperfections, that’s a part of its beauty and age.

Ghungroo Box - Small
Size: 2.5”D x 2”H
Weight: 40 gm

Ghungroo Box - Medium
Size: 3”D x 2.5”H
Weight: 75 gm

Ghungroo Box - Large
Size: 3”D x 3”H
Weight: 92 gm

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