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Kuthuvilakku Pair - Key Lamp

Kuthuvilakku Pair - Key Lamp

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Discover the beauty and heritage of the Kuthuvilakku, an elegantly crafted traditional lamp made from bronze. This lamp features an innovative adjustable key mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly adjust its height to your desired setting.

Originating from Tamil Nadu, the term 'Cenkuthu' translates to 'vertical, and 'Vilakku' means lamp.

'Kuthuvilakku' means 'standing lamp,' aptly describing its upright design. This iconic artifact dates back to the 10th-century Chola dynasty and remains a cherished cultural symbol in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and northern Sri Lanka.

The Kuthuvilakku consists of four distinct parts: the Keezhbagam, which is the base plate providing stability and support; the Kandam, a central pillar that anchors the lamp; the Thanguli, an oil reservoir designed to hold multiple wicks for a steady flame; and the Prabhai, an ornate crown available in designs such as Swan, Peacock, and Kashi Samai, which adds elegance and cultural significance.

This lamp has become exceedingly rare in contemporary times, as only a few skilled artisans possess the expertise to craft it.

Please note that vintage pieces come with small imperfections, that's a part of its beauty and age.

This lamp sold as a pair.

Size: 3.5"L X 3.5” W X 15"H
Weight: 1500 gm (pair)


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