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‘Maa Durga’ by Uttam Chitrakar

‘Maa Durga’ by Uttam Chitrakar

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In his Kalighat painting, Uttam Chitrakar skillfully depicts Maa Durga conquering a demon while seated on a tiger. As the Hindu goddess of power, Maa Durga symbolizes ultimate divine energy, her presence atop a tiger signifying immense strength. The defeated demon, often Mahishasura, represents evil forces. The victory of Maa Durga over Mahishasura symbolizes the triumph of righteousness over malevolence. Beyond spiritual significance, this portrayal showcases the artist's creative talent and skill.

Learn more about Uttam Chitrakar and Kalighat Paintings.

Note: This item is made to order.

Material: Organic paper backed by cotton cloth to provide additional support

Color: Natural colors

Size: 22"x14" (does not include frame)

Delivery Time: This item may take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery after an order is placed.

Customization: We're delighted to accommodate customization requests for size, color, or theme. Please be aware that pricing and lead time may vary depending on the extent of customization.

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