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‘Sharad Purnima’ Pichwai Painting

‘Sharad Purnima’ Pichwai Painting

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This Pichwai painting captures the essence of the Sharad Purnima celebration, marking the first full moon night of the monsoon season and signifying the onset of autumn. The Kamal Talayi motifs evoke the picturesque bank of the Yamuna river, where Krishna is believed to have performed the Raas Leela under the radiant full moonlight. The Raas Leela is a divine love dance with the gopis, symbolizing the union of the Paramtama (supreme soul) and the Jeevatma (individual soul).

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Note: This item is made to order.

Material: Cotton cloth

Color: Natural stone colors

Size: 36"x24" (does not include frame)

Delivery Time: This item may take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery after an order is placed.

Customization: We're delighted to accommodate customization requests for size, color, or theme. Please be aware that pricing and lead time may vary depending on the extent of customization.

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