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‘Lavanya’ Pot

‘Lavanya’ Pot

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Step into the past with our exquisite vintage brass pot, crafted around 70 years ago—an embodiment of timeless beauty and artistry. The warm, inviting patina on its brass exterior adds authenticity and character to your space. The gracefully sculpted peacock legs pay tribute to India's cultural symbolism, showcasing meticulous detailing by skilled artisans.

This pot seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, whether as a decorative display or practical use, infusing elegance and history into any setting. Imagine the tales it could share, having witnessed time and generations.

Display it in your living room, study, or curated collection to captivate attention. The peacock legs provide stability and a striking visual appeal, sparking conversations about its rich history. Embrace the legacy of a bygone era with this remarkable vintage brass pot—a piece of history deserving a place of honor in your world.

Please note that vintage pieces come with small imperfections, that’s a part of its beauty and age.

Size: 11.5”L x 11.5”W x 8.5”H

Weight: 2320 gm

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