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Yali Stand

Yali Stand

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Introducing a magnificent Yali stand, a captivating treasure  that will undoubtedly enhance your home decor. Meticulously crafted in brass, this three-legged stand showcases mythical Yali figurines elegantly positioned at equal intervals, stretching upwards to form its structure. The Yalis, with intricate etchings, face inward, while a circular frame connects all three legs, providing stability and support.

The Yali, also known as Vyala or Vidala, holds great significance in Hindu mythology and is often intricately sculpted onto temple pillars. It embodies a majestic fusion of lion, elephant, and horse elements, symbolizing immense power and strength.

With its striking aesthetics, this captivating Yali stand effortlessly complements existing home decor arrangements. It serves as a magnificent pedestal, elevating vessels, pots, and planters with grace and sophistication.

Embrace the enchantment of this exquisite Yali stand, a testament to artistry and tradition, as it graces your living space with its timeless beauty.

Please note that vintage pieces come with small imperfections, that’s a part of its beauty and age.

*Please note that the picture featuring the urli is for reference purposes only. The Yali stand is the item available for sale.

Size: 10”L X 10”W X 6.5”H
Weight: 1485 gm





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